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Slab Leaks

With our Leak Whisperer®, we can detect slab leaks, which can cause a lot of damage to your home or office. Without getting a slab leak fixed, you could end up with water damage to the floors and walls, mold that begins to grow, and eventual deterioration of certain parts of the structure. Before you allow this to happen, let us take care of the problem.

Not Sure Of The Signs?

It may seem like it is impossible to detect a slab leak because it is underneath the slab of your home. The truth is that there are plenty of signs that you can look for that will help you to detect a slab leak. They are:

  • The sound of running water. If you don’t have any water purposely running in your home, but you can hear it running, that is a sign of a slab leak. Water is running somewhere in your home, and it might be under the slab. You may want to check your faucets and any appliances that use water just to be sure, and if they are all completely turned off, that is when you know you have a problem.
  • A hot spot. If there is an area on your floor that is unusually hot, that could also be a sign of a slab leak. It would indicate that your hot water line has broken in the slab. Maybe you haven’t noticed it but your pets have. If they always sit in a certain spot, it might be because it is so warm!
  • Cracks. There are many reasons that your floors and walls could be cracked. A slab leak is one of those reasons.
  • Mildew and moisture. If your carpet and other flooring feels moist, or if you notice mildew on the floor, it could be a sign that the pipes are broken in the slab.

Call The Professionals

If you have noticed any of the previously mentioned signs of a slab leak, contact USA Rooter & Plumbing. We are your one-stop shop for all your plumbing needs and will have your slab leak taken care of quickly; possibly even in one day!

Plumbing Reroutes

If you have noticed that there is a possible slab leak in your home, rerouting could be the best option for you. At USA Rooter & Plumbing, we will use our high tech video inspection to determine whether you have a slab leak or not and will let you know what the process will look like to have the slab leak fixed.

How Do I Know If I Need A Reroute?

Chances are, if you have detected a slab leak, that you will need a reroute. Some signs that you have a slab leak are:

  • Sounds of running water when you know you don’t have anything running.
  • A hot spot on an area of the floor.
  • Deteriorating structure.
  • Mildew or moisture that is central to one location on the floor.

Why Choose Rerouting?

Some people choose to just repair the leak, but this is often just a short term solution to a bigger problem where a reroute would be the better solution. At USA Rooter & Plumbing, we will discuss all of your options with you so that you will be the one making the decision. The reason rerouting is a good way to go is because it is a long term solution. Rather than repairing a problem, we will be eliminating the problem all together.

How Is It Done?

An overhead reroute is a typical process, but we can discuss with you what some of the other options are. We will first take our video inspection down to check it out. After confirming that there is a slab leak, we will talk to you about your options. When you choose to have a reroute done, we will talk about further options, including the overhead possibility. Many times this entire process will only take one day to complete so that you don’t have to deal with the mess for too long. Contact us today so that we can get the reroute started.

Leak Detection

Leak Detection At Its Finest

At USA Rooter & Plumbings, we have the one and only Leak Whisperer®. Our high tech system for detecting leaks of all kinds is the most up-to-date system out there. Serving customers all throughout Southern California, we are the plumber you need to detect leaks, whether you suspect them or not.

What Leaks Can We Detect?

Our Leak Whisperer® technology allows us to detect all sorts of leaks. Whether you’ve got a gas leak, a water leak, a sewage leak, or many more, we can find it for you. You may or may not already know that there is a leak somewhere, but after it is found, we have the proper equipment and expertise that are necessary to get the issues fixed.

Where Can We Find Leaks?

With our high tech equipment, we can literally find a leak anywhere. Leaks are most commonly found underground, but we have also found leaks within the walls or other structural elements of buildings. Without the leaks being found, there can be an awful lot of damage done to your home or other areas of your property which will require much more repair than if the leak was found sooner. If you give us a call, we will find the leak!

What Should You Do?

If you suspect there is a leak, you should contact USA Rooter & Plumbings right away. You may have seen a pool of water forming in the yard, or you may have noticed your water bill go up slightly each month, without explanation. Chances are that you have a leak somewhere that you are unaware of. Let us come in and take a look at your situation. With the Leak Whisperer®, we can find, re-route, and re-pipe all in one day so that you don’t have to put up with the situation for too long. Give us a call today.

Trenchless Sewers

The Repair Without The Mess

At USA Rooter & Plumbing, we pride ourselves on repairing and replacing sewer lines with as little mess as possible. Our award-winning underground crew uses the latest and greatest unique equipment that will get the job done with “no mess-no dig” or “low mess-less dig” installations. Trust us to have everything it takes to replace your sewer without a trench!

Trenchless Services

We offer the following services using a clean, trenchless process:

  • Sewer replacement
  • Water main replacement
  • Electronic leak detection
  • Sewer locating
  • Gas line tracing and gas sniffing leak detectors
  • Any pipe locating and tracing
  • Underground video inspection
  • Hydrojet machines
  • Snakes, camera snakes, and cable machines

Our History With The Trenchless System

We have used our trenchless sewer replacement system all throughout Southern California. We have done many State and Federal contracts. We will not only do the job for Government contractors or residential customers, but we have been known to provide our trenchless services for other plumbers who have the business, but not the manpower or equipment. If you are a plumber without insurance, licensing, men, or equipment, we can get your contract taken care of.

Why Choose Us?

At USA Rooter & Plumbing, we have been providing the repair without the mess since 2008. Our technicians have the most training possible when it comes to the equipment and the processes that we use. We are kind and considerate of our customers, knowing that sometimes these situations can be fairly upsetting. We are available to answer questions that you might have about your sewage system at any time and any day. We want to help you get out of the mess as quickly and clean as possible. Give us a call today so that we can figure out the best way to handle your messy situation.

Water Lines

Good Water Lines Provide Good Results

If you’ve got a broken or damaged water line, call the best in plumbing. USA Rooter & Pipes has been providing the fastest and the best plumbing services since 2008. We love what we do and want to use our high tech equipment to find your water line problem and get it repaired so that it will continue to give you the best results.

Possible Water Line Problems

You may not know what is wrong with your water line, but with our up-to-date video camera line inspection, we can pin point what is going on with your line. Some of the problems we might find are:

  • When roots from trees or other plants have gotten into the line, it is called root infiltration. The roots grow and build and create a mess inside the pipe, not allowing the water to flow freely.
  • Sometimes the pipes will deteriorate and corrode, which causes a collapse and a restriction to the flow of the water.
  • Leaky joints, which is when the seal between pipes breaks and the water is allowed to get out into the soil that it is buried in.
  • Broken pipes. Sometimes the pipes just break or crack and need to be repaired, or sometimes even replaced.
  • When the pipe sinks because of the condition of the soil that it is in, it is called a bellied pipe and it can create a valley that collects trash.
  • Some water lines are simply old and not made out of very good materials and will need to be replaced with pipes that are made with current materials.

What You Can Look For

If you have recently noticed a valley forming in your lawn, which may or may not be extra moist as well, that is a sign that you might need your water line looked at. If your toilet, sink, shower, etc. has been backing up a lot lately, that is also a sign that you should get a new water line installed. Give us a call any time, any day, and we will get to work on your water line.

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