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Tips for Trouble-Free Plumbing



Follow these tips to prevent clogs, avoid costly repair.





  1. Wipe grease and fatty foods from pans and dishes before washing.
  2. Pour cooled grease and cooking oil into a disposable container, and then dispose of it in the trash.
  3. Do not allow these to go down the drain or garbage disposal: grease; greas/fatty foods; fat, lard, shortening; meat drippings; frying oil; salad oil; butter; margarine; dairy products; soups and sauces; coffee ground; products stickers; meat; egg shells; bones; nuts.






  1. Flush ONLY human waste and toilet paper. Put the following in trash, never in the toilet: disposable wipes; femenine hygiene products; condoms; paper towels; disposable diapers; cat waste and litter; cigarette butts; dental floss; cotton swabs; hair.
  2. Prevent hair and pet fur from going down drain.
  3. Never flush or pour unwanted medications down a drain.






Never pour chemicals, solvents, pesticides, paint product, or other forms of Household Hazardous Waste down any drain, inside or out side the house.




Flushin disposable cleaning/disinfecting wipes, moist towelettes, or personal hygiene wippes-even if they are labeled as "flushable"-create problems for the homeowner and the District. These wipes do not break down in the water and they can clog private and District sewer lines.

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